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Midtown Radio Dramas LIVE at the Apollo

The second half of the Midtown Radio Drama Series, recorded LIVE at the Apollo, brings you new writers, new stories, new sound effects! Something for everyone!

On Sunday, October 22 at 1:30, come see our actors voice multiple characters, and our talent Foley artists produce sound effects with everyday household items.

Eruption at the Breithaupt Block by Ciarán Myers examines a tragic accident and how we, as a community, deal with the fall-out.

Next, Tristin Deveau extends An Murder! - a good ol'fashioned murder mystery complete with gasps, musical stings, and fake semi-british accents!

Last, but not least - in a silent, empty theatre, a single light keeps the darkness at bay. In the middle of the stage, it shines and calls a gathering of The Ghost Light Society. At its core, a love-letter to theatre written by Maria Colonescu.


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