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Midtown Radio

Your Community. Your Voice.

Midtown Radio is a community-building initiative by a small group of dedicated volunteers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. The project aims to develop and maintain a community-based, online radio station, that plays local music and podcasts, as well as small amounts of community information – with the aim of promoting local artists, creators, small businesses, and public events through the development of innovative, locally-produced content.


It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but we rely on donations to purchase new music, pay software and SOCAN licensing fees, and provide ongoing commercial-free music to our generous community of listeners. Please consider becoming a supporter today!

Our Mission

We're building community by...

  • Producing and promoting high-quality, engaging content relevant to our region and our listeners.

  • Democratizing local media through the sharing of broadcasting and audio production skills.

  • Supporting and amplifying the independent artists and creators within the greater Waterloo region.

  • Ensuring that our platform reflects the diverse nature of our communities and is inclusive and respectful of individuals, groups, and cultures.

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