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Midtown Radio Services

Midtown Radio is Kitchener-Waterloo's hub for local music and audio. We are a non-profit, volunteer-led, organization aimed at advancing the creative arts within our community. Take a look at some of our core services below and get in touch. If you are a current or aspiring audio artist, musician, broadcaster, podcaster, or technician we'd love to work with you! Get in touch and let us help you build some thing special!

24/7 Local Music Stream

Midtown Radio is streaming our constantly updated collection of local music comprising over 200 KW and regional musicians and artists! It's available 24/7, on demand, and is totally commercial free. 

Free Podcast Hosting

Creating a local podcast? Midtown Radio will host it for you and ensure it's available on all relevant streaming and podcasting services. Save money and time for the creative side of your podcast.

Local Music Showcases

Midtown Radio is proud to host live local music showcases in some of KW's most iconic (and unusual) venues. We always need support putting these events on so if you want to help support local music, get in touch!

Bespoke Playlists

New for 2024, let us create a custom playlist for your business or event, featuring the incredible local artists of our region. You set the vibe, length, perctentage of local music, and any must-have artists then we'll do the rest! 

Equipment Library

Do you have a great idea for a podcast, audio book, song, radio drama or something else and just need some mics and know-how? Get in touch! We can help you with tech and step by step advice.  

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