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Midtown Radio Presents: How Music Can Make Your City Better

Join Shain as he launches his book, This Must Be The Place: How Music Can Make Your City Better in Kitchener to discuss how music can improve the city's economic and social development.

Event will include a talk, panel, and Q & A.


Danielle Deveau (Co-Founder, Midtown Radio; Lecturer, Dept. of English Language and Literature, U Waterloo)


Betty Anne Keller - Executive Producer, Rock This Town

Paul Kalbfleisch - co-author of The Joy Experiments: Starting a New Conversation on City Building

Amit Mehta - Founder, Good Company Productions

Shain Shapiro, Founder, Sound Diplomacy

About the book:

This Must Be the Place introduces and examines music’s relationship to cities. Not the influence cities have on music, but the powerful impact music can have on how cities are developed, built, managed and governed. Told in an accessible way through personal stories from cities around the world — including London, Melbourne, Nashville, Austin and Zurich — This Must Be the Place takes a truly global perspective on the ways music is integral to everyday life but neglected in public policy. Arguing for the transformative role of artists and musicians in a post-pandemic world, This Must Be The Place not only examines the powerful impact music can have on our cities, but also serves as a how-to guide and toolkit for music-lovers, artists and activists everywhere to begin the process of reinventing the communities they live in.

Tickets are limited. Reserve your place here!


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